Video Poker Bonuses from online casinos

Of late, several online casinos such as online-casinocanada.com/ have begun rolling out several video poker bonuses for its players. Indeed, this game has gained traction among not just its fans but new gamblers as well. What makes this game super attractive is its ease of play. Video poker is an immersive game and if you'd like to know about its bonuses, keep on reading this article.

What are bonuses?

A bonus is virtual money that must be used to lay bets on specified games. If it is a video poker bonus, you need to use it only for this game. Welcome Bonuses are awarded only after you register yourself in a legal online casino. Broadly, there are two kinds of Welcome Bonuses- No Deposit and Matching Bonuses. Read on to understand the key difference.

Sometimes, your online casino awards your a No Deposit Bonus for just signing up and not making any deposit. This bonus is tied to some terms and conditions. Matching Bonuses can only received after you have made a preliminary deposit. Suppose you deposited $10. Your matching deposit would be $10. It can go upto $15 or even more. If you are lucky, you might get some free spins .

  • Never deposit money using free Wi-Fi
  • Choose your video poker casino after reading online reviews
  • Pick up the right payment option/gateway

High Roller and VIP Bonuses

If you rea high roller, probably you won't find matching bonuses attractive enough. Since you take high risks by betting big, you'd like bonuses that reward you. This is where a High Roller Bonus comes in. By getting this bonus, you get higher rewards than others. The principle is simple: Higher Risk means Higher Rewards. There is another video poker bonus and that is the VIP Bonus.

Video Poker is a high-skill game and you would have to play several games to master it. Online casinos always encourage players to improve their skills by playing more and betting more. When you have gained enough experience and skill, you become a VIP player in your online casino. In the process, you get special games and other opportunities, a personalized valet and much more.

Other Video Poker Bonuses

Things don't stop here. When you create your casino account using a referral, by clicking a website link or by using a specific payment method, you might get a special bonus. Some online casinos reward those players who reload their deposits weekly or monthly. Use these reload bonuses to unlock new features in your video poker game. You can even get some special monthly video poker bonuses from your casino.

Video Poker Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonuses are not transferable. This means that this bonus is for you alone. Secondly, most online casinos restrict their video poker bonus to just one family. Third, all video poker bonuses are subject to certain wagering requirements. This means you will have to wager your boney money according to a certain factor. This factor could be 2x, 3x or even 4x. Read your bonus terms and conditions for greater clarity.

  • Video Poker Bonuses are not available to underage gamblers.
  • Bonuses need to be consumed within a certain time frame

Wagering Requirements

Suppose the wagering condition is 2x. This means you will have to bet 2x your bonus amount to use your bonus. If it is $100, you will have to wager $200, and so on. Please check the casino what the bonus amount means. Is it just the casino's contribution or does it include your share as well. Read the fine print carefully before wagering.

Play Bonus versus Cash Bonus

You can claim a cash bonus as soon as you meet the playthrough or the wagering requirements. In a Play Bonus, you can only play the other games listed on the online casino. Please note this difference before rushing to claim your first Video Poker Bonus. Finally, please stay away from those video poker sites that assure you f money. Such sites are scammers and all they want is your money.